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Psychologist at Cygnet Hospital Bierley achieves accreditation with the Society for DBT

Dr Kelly Elsegood

Cygnet Hospital Bierley’s Head of Psychology, Dr Kelly Elsegood, has achieved accreditation with the Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy as a DBT therapist, becoming one of 47 accredited DBT therapists in the UK.

According to the Society for DBT, becoming an Accredited DBT therapist shows that a practitioner provides DBT to a high standard. The accreditation process is rigorous requiring applicants to submit evidence of their adherence to the DBT model developed by Marsha Linehan. By achieving accreditation, service users and employers can be confident that the DBT therapist is seeking to maintain the highest standards of DBT in their work.

Kelly works with service users on Bowling Ward, Cygnet Hospital Bierley’s specialist service for women with highly complex needs associated with a diagnosis of personality disorder. The service aims to support service users to learn effective emotional management, to reduce emotional dysregulation and to manage their own mental health and recovery.

Kelly said, “DBT is an evidenced-based treatment for people suffering with complex and longstanding mental health problems. Despite living with chronic and overwhelming levels of distress, service users often struggle to access timely, evidence based therapies. Therefore, service users, carers, commissioners and professionals can place a lot of hope on our service users’ engagement with our DBT programme and it is heartening to receive endorsement from the Society for DBT regarding the quality of DBT provided. I’d like to thank service users who have given me permission to record and share their very personal therapy sessions with the Society for DBT, so that my practice could be scrutinized.

“A comprehensive DBT programme is delivered by a team of therapists. Credit goes to my DBT colleagues, who work tirelessly to deliver a high standard of DBT, while supporting and helping one another during the rewards and challenges of this work. Delivery of our programme is made possible by the support of Bowling Ward Manager, Hannah Sidhu, and her team – thank you. Thank you also to Cygnet for supporting my work towards accreditation and enabling our DBT therapists to access quality DBT training and expert supervision.”

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