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Cygnet Hospital Beckton celebrates Carers Week 2020

The team at Cygnet Hospital Beckton last week marked Carers Week 2020 with a range of activities based on this year’s theme of Making Carers Visible.

Carers provide invaluable support and help to their family, friends and loved ones, whether this is for physical or mental health problems.

There are around 5.4 million people in England who provide unpaid care for a friend or family member. Carers make a major contribution to society. Estimates show that the care provided by friends and family members to ill, frail or disabled relatives is equivalent to £119 billion every year.

The team at Cygnet Hospital Beckton promoted a different aspect of informing and supporting carers each day based on the word ‘Visible’. Each day’s theme was communicated via a daily email to staff and carers.

Value of carers
Impact of carers
Support for carers
Increase resilience tools for carers
Building relationships with carers
Life worth living for carers
Effective service for carers

An Impact of Caring display was set up in the hospital reception and each day themed snacks were served that tied into the daily theme so, for example, on Monday there were Vanilla Wafers and on Tuesday there were Ice Gem biscuits.

On Thursday the team held an online Working Together Forum in which staff, service users and carers looked at local service design and delivery. They spent time looking at achievable actions to implement Cygnet’s Corporate Family and Carers Involvement Policy. One of the actions from the forum was to develop ward based carer champions with training co-facilitated by carers.

Other initiatives included sharing a reading list to staff, services users and carers and also sharing resources co-produced with carers.

Jennifer Beal, Head of Occupational Therapy, said, “At Cygnet Hospital Beckton we recognise the value of our carers. We hope everyone enjoyed our week of Making Carers Visible and we will continue to support ongoing initiatives for inclusion and active participation with Carers.”

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