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Stevenage (135)

We value and encourage all feedback as it helps us to shape and improve the services that we offer.


To share positive feedback with us please contact the hospital direct either in writing or by phone. Feedback can also be provided online by using the Contact Us page, be sure to mention which service you want to feedback on.


We see complaints as a valuable source of feedback and we try to learn from problems to improve services for everyone. Whatever you think about our services or staff we want to hear from you.

Wherever possible we encourage local resolution of complaints. Often complaints are able to be resolved effectively by talking to those involved in the delivery of care, for example a nurse, ward manager or doctor. Local resolution is overseen by the Unit Manager and classed as Stage 1 of the Complaints process.

If individuals do not feel that their complaint has been resolved satisfactorily they may wish to use Stage 2 of the Complaint process and seek a review with the Cygnet Operations Director responsible for that service. In most cases it is possible to agree a resolution at Stage 1 or 2, however in the event that an individual is not satisfied they may wish to use the 3rd Stage of referring their complaint to the Chief Operating Officer. There is also a further opportunity for NHS patients to take their complaint to the Health Service Ombudsman.

Further details of our Complaints Procedure is readily available at each of our services.

Complaints can also be sent to us online by using the Contact Us page, be sure to mention which service you want to make a complaint about.

Alternatively you can contact the Care Quality Commission (CQC).